Attention women who are sick n’ tired of bustin’ their butt to drop a pant size:

How To Lose 10 Pounds And Have A Breathtaking Body Without Starving Yourself

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In this no bullsh*t training, we’ll discover:

  • My simple system for discovering the fat blasting foods right for you
  • The #1 trick to burn more in your workouts leaving you with a lean, toned body you love
  • Mastering the mind game so your mind can stop bullying your body
  • How to sucker punch stress and finally drop the dead weight
  • Learn how to go from embarrassed to empowered with a body you love
  • PLUS…how to break the dieting cycle for good and Laugh Yourself Skinny™

I’ll be dishing this out and more during my Virtual Dinner Party on February 5th, at 7pm EST/4pm PST

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I’m a health and weight loss expert, speaker, and founder of the web TV series called J-CiniTV. To make a story short, back in the day I wanted what every woman wants – a flat stomach, thighs that didn’t touch and the ability to wear whatever I wanted and feel like a million bucks. But the journey to get there (counting calories and late night cookie binges) was a b*tch!

Once I mastered the kick-ass weight loss strategies that actually worked without giving up chocolate, selling my soul to the gym, or worrying about silly things like calorie counts, I dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks without starving myself. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to make losing weight fun for all women which has turned into the best-selling Laugh Yourself Skinny™ program.

I pull my training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Institute of Psychology of Eating, and certification in the Transformational Coaching Method. Plus a decade of my own struggles with calorie counting, binge eating, exercise addiction and being absolutely miserable to help my clients drop 10 pounds and love their bodies.

I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10!

I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10! - Laura

"I’ve tried all kinds of diets and nothing was making a difference. I was hungry all the time, confused about what to eat and got frustrated every morning when I got on the scale. While working with Jess, I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10. I’ve thrown away the scale and I’m confident in what I’m eating that I don’t need to weigh myself. With her help, I was able to find foods that fill me up and leave me satisfied. Best part is that I felt and looked fantastic on my wedding day!”

Laura Sahlender, Philadelphia, PA

I lost a total of 18 pounds!

"Before I started working with Jessica, I was stuck at 145 pounds for at least 6 months. I was always depriving myself and then binging…working out constantly and not seeing results. My clothes weren't fitting and my face was full of acne and I was unhappy. I started working with Jessica and lost a total of 18 pounds, my skin is clear and my binging is under control. What she taught me really blew my mind! I have a completely different approach to food…one that’s healthy and nourishing. I just feel so happy with everything I am doing and eating. Working out has even become enjoyable because it's more of a supplement to my healthy eating.”

Kelly S. Baltimore, MD

My stomach keeps getting flatter and flatter! testimonial: "My stomach keeps getting flatter and flatter!" - Zaya

"Working with Jessica was truly transformative. This is the best I've ever felt! I'm eating less, but still feel full, I have so much energy and my stomach keeps getting flatter and flatter. Jess' approach is very unique and she has the ability to help her clients from so many different angles. Her method is faster and more effective than anything else out there.”

Zaya Khalil, Designer, Scranton, PA

Grab your FREE seat to this
Virtual Dinner Party

Your info is safe with us! We’ll never ever ever share you info with anyone!