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Launch Schedule

Sept 16: Social Media Teases Upcoming Program Launch

Tuesday, Sept 17: Opt-in page goes live & 1st J-ciniTV episode pushing launch released

Tuesday, Sept 24: 2nd J-ciniTV episode pushing launch released – feel free to share my post and retweet

Tuesday, October 1: 3rd J-ciniTV episode pushing launch released – feel free to share my post and retweet

Wednesday, October 2: LIVE Weight Loss Coaching Show @ 7pm EST / 4 pm PST (“preview call” with Jessica)

October 2-4: Opportunity for Early Bird Pricing ($397)

October 5-11: Enrollment continues at regular pricing ($597)

Tuesday, October 8: J-ciniTV episode, testimonial interview & reminder about LYS released

Wednesday, October 9: Live Q&A Coaching Call with Jessica at 12pm EST / 9 am PST

Friday, October 11 11:59pm EST: Program enrollment closes

 Program runs: October 14-November 18

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Why should I share this with my community?

Reason #1: Women spend over 17 years of their lives trying to lose weight.  That’s a loooong a$$ time. What a different world we would live in if we all had 17 years back in our lives…epic vacations, supercharged businesses, more time with family, friends and loved ones…the possibilities are endless. It’s time to ditch diets and the war with food for good so this world can have strong, confident, capable, energized and beautifully balanced women everywhere.

Reason #2: By the age of 45, women have tried an average of 61 diets. Think of the money, effort, failures, wasted time and energy on the continual trail of things that don’t work. It’s time for women to finally find the missing pieces to the weight loss puzzle…the things that aren’t talked about in diets, meal plans or exercise regimes. These pieces are addressed in Laugh Yourself Skinny.

Reason #3: Many women come to me already knowing about kale and have a regular exercise routine but still struggle to lose the last 10 pounds. Through my journey, experience with clients and research, there’s more to losing weight – pieces that aren’t talked about in diet books, on Dr. Oz, or taught in nutrition programs. I’m on a mission to share what these secrets are so women can free up the mind space that was once spent on worrying about what to wear and how they look and put that energy towards something productive… like their business, creating epic love, having fun with their kids, planning a vacation and changing the world!

Reason #4: The traditional way to lose weight is a B*ITCH! Run yourself ragged while you’re hungry all the time and you’ll slim down – NO THANK YOU! I’m done with seeing women exhausted, stressed out and starving in order to fit comfortably into their clothes. That’s why I created Laugh Yourself Skinny – it’s time to start having fun AND losing weight.

What is the Laugh Yourself Skinny Program?
This is a 5 week virtual group program teaching women how to have a freakin’ blast losing the last 10 pounds. My intention is for women to understand that there are more pieces to the weight loss puzzle. Dropping a pant size is more then kale and crunches and my mission is for them to fully understand and integrate what they’re missing.

What they get:
5 weekly LIVE laugh-tastic training calls with me
5 weeks of group coaching opportunities with me
A private facebook community
All materials and calls are recorded and downloadable
Daily Dose Of Fun sent to their inbox every day
Handouts, recipes, additional resources where applicable
Plus, juicy bonuses which will be announced on Oct 2!

The enrollment page will be posted here:

I will also be offering a money back guarantee – if they complete the program (all the questions, homework and she’s still unsatisfied, I’ll refund her money minus a $47 credit card processing fee.)

Women who’ve Laughed Themselves Skinny… here’s what they’re saying:

“I’ve dropped a pant size!”
“Before working with Jessica one of my biggest challenges was what am I going to wear that I’ll feel good in. Now, working with Jessica has allowed me to gain more and more control over my body and my weight without a million rules of what I can and cannot eat. The best part is that my clothes are fitting better and better.  After just 5 weeks I’ve dropped a pant size and my clothes are fitting really easily and feel comfortable. I’m loving shopping for fall because I’m no longer drawn to clothes that’ll camouflage or cover up my body. I am now drawn to clothes that are fitted and brightly colored. I’m actually having fun with what I’m wearing!” – Fran, Philadelphia, PA


“I lost 8 pounds by NOT focusing on food!”
“I’ve lost 8lbs without even thinking about it and by not doing the same old thing of focusing on food.  I now have a stress free relationship with food and it’s no longer always on my mind. I bought my first dress in 15 years and I feel like I got my feminine self back. It’s really great to have such support around this. With Jessica we’re going to the root of the issues which is what I’ve never done before so intensively.” – Monika Wacker, Candle Artist and Animal Communicator, Switzerland


“I lost a total of 18 pounds!”
“Before I started working with Jessica, I was stuck at 145 pounds for at least 6 months. I was always depriving myself and then binging…working out constantly and not seeing results. My clothes weren’t fitting and my face was full of acne and I was unhappy. I started working with Jessica and lost a total of 18 pounds, my skin is clear and my binging is under control. What she taught me really blew my mind! I have a completely different approach to food…one that’s healthy and nourishing. I just feel so happy with everything I am doing and eating. Working out has even become enjoyable because it’s more of a supplement to my healthy eating.”  Kelly S. Baltimore, MD


“I lost 9 pounds with little effort!”
When I first met Jessica I was tired, running on empty (kinda like the song–working with Jessica will bring out your funny side too!), wanting to lose some weight and just overall wanting to feel better about myself. I attended one of her calls and had a blast! I realized fun was just one of the things missing in my life and if she can make weight loss and being healthy fun, I’m in!

I absolutely LOVED her program and found it to be filled with gems every week that kept me anticipating what was next! She is definitely not your typical weight loss guru. Just the opposite! She is filled with surprises that keeps you on your toes and without even realizing it, you’re on track to feeling better, eating healthier and losing weight! I lost 9 pounds with little effort!

More importantly, what I noticed was that as I began to feel better and lose weight, I also realized how my emotions were such a big part of it. This is where one of the best surprises came for me. Jessica not only offers an amazing program filled with great content, but you get to experience her at her best… as an amazing, intuitive health coach who I found to be wise beyond her years.

She is brilliant in how she so quickly and intuitively can get to the root of something that might be keeping you stuck when you can’t quite see it yourself. Several times she would notice things that I thought were completely unrelated and yet it all made so much sense. She offers amazing insight and exercises to help you move forward. I have learned so much from her and about myself. I just can’t rave about her enough! SHE ROCKS!

Bottom line, if you’re looking to have fun, feel good about yourself and lose weight in the process, LYS is for you! The bonus is you get to work with Jessica who will help you to really get on track with what’s important to you and love yourself–again (and she’ll remind you when you forget). She is your soul sister in spirit who truly has your back and will make this journey the time of your life! All women need to experience the gift of working with Jessica! You won’t regret it! – Suzanne Reigle, Hershey, PA


“I lost 8 pounds and have more energy!”
“Despite having dieted, exercised, and cut calories, I was struggling to lose weight after having a baby.  I would drag myself out of bed in the morning, after hitting snooze multiple times. I was always on the go, working full time with a 1 year old at home.  After only one week of working with Jessica, I was satiated by eating less, had more energy in the morning and my pants were beginning to fit again! During my time with Jessica, I saw a steady decrease in my weight, 8 pounds total and a consistent increase in energy!  I now know what foods and exercise are right for my body.  Jessica is a great listener and also helped me discover ways to decompress and relieve stress.” -A.L., Nurse Practitioner, Philadelphia, PA


“This is much easier when you have support!”
“Before working with Jess, you could call how I was eating a deprivation diet…I was eating things that were low carb, low calorie and weren’t satisfying. But I thought I was eating healthy. I’d read a lot of books and blogs about health and would change what I eat based on what they recommended going from Paleo to Vegan all within a year. After working with Jess, I’ve been able to find the foods that are right for my body and stop wasting my time trying different foods that weren’t right for my body in the first place. I now have a list of foods that I know are energizing for ME. Instead of feeling deprived, I feel nourished and I’m having more fun in my life. I learned to quiet my inner ‘people pleaser’ and speak up more and request the foods that are energizing for me.  I’ve discovered different ways to manage stress, so working from home enjoyable and I don’t feel compelled to munch. I’m more focused and can get more done in a shorter amount of time. I now cook healthy AND delicious meals that are satisfying and energize me.  Jess not only helped clean up my diet, but helped to dig deep into my life to figure out what was sabotaging my diet and health. And if I could give you a piece of advice from what I learned is that this health journey is much easier when you have support.”  -B.K, Philadelphia, PA


“I lost 7 pounds from all the right places!”
“I came to Jessica when I saw a picture of myself and thought “Oh my gosh, who is that middle aged woman and how did I become so fat?”  Begin over 50 had found me with a slow metabolism, low energy and feeling very uncomfortable in my body.  I was wearing baggy tops, long sweaters (you know the ones), leggings and really being hard on myself.  I wanted to lose weight mindfully and silence once and for all my inner critic.

After just 5 sessions of working with Jessica, I’ve lost 7 pounds (from the right places), I have more energy and I’m sleeping through the night.  I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning, which means I can be more productive throughout the day.  My metabolism is supercharged which was a much easier process than I thought it would be.  I feel so much better in my body, clothes and love dressing up again (without the long sweaters).  Since working with Jess, I am back to loving public speaking and receiving invitations for new speaking opportunities and even two for TV!!  I am PROUD to say that as a 54 year old woman, someone younger than my two oldest daughters has brought me to some breakthroughs that have been amazing for me and my life!  Other people are noticing the changes too and keep asking “what are you doing?”  The best part of all of this is when my children have said, “Mom, you are so much more confident, it is great to see“!  Working with Jess was one of the best decisions I have made for my life! – Bethany Perry, BA, NPI, HHC, RYT, Midland, Michigan


“I’ve stopped counting calories!”
Before working with Jessica, I struggled with hypertension, counting calories and fluctuations in my weight. I wasn’t comfortable in my clothes and thought about my weight a lot. I would agonize over what to eat and was overwhelmed with trying to eat healthier to lose weight. After working with Jessica, I’m a slimmed down version of myself. I have stopped counting calories, embraced and now love many new foods, and learned what foods work best for my body. I’ve said goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and have tasty healthy food ready every week.  I’m living stomachache free and I feel light, clean, organized and motivated– Susannah Magrane, Nursing Student, Philadelphia, PA


“I’m healthier at 30 than I was at 25!”
5 years ago I was competing in triathlons but my total cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I wasn’t lacking exercise and I had tried to clean up my diet and take supplements with no real improvement. Now that I have been working with Jessica, my total cholesterol has come down 40 points and my triglycerides are down 50 points! I am actually healthier at 30 than I was at 25– Catherine Wooton, Physicians Assistant, Norfolk, VA


“I’ve had to buy smaller size pants!”
“When I met Jessica, I referred to myself as a professional dieter. I had tried most of the silly ridiculous diets as well as the more proficient ones like Weight Watchers. I had lost weight but always managed to gain it and more back over time. I wanted to find something I would stick with and keep the weight off.  While working with Jessica, I became more aware of what I’m eating and putting into my system. I’m making better choices and sticking to it! I’ve had to buy smaller size pants and haven’t had a cookie, cake or ice cream since I started working with her. Best thing is, I don’t even want it! She told me once, “It will get easier” and at first I didn’t believe her. But she was right. Eventually, losing weight and making better choices did get easier. I’ve dieted my whole life but never have I been at this point with this mindset.” – Brenda Crispino, Aston, PA


This program is PERFECT for a woman who:

  • Eats healthy and can’t lose weight
  • Exercises but still feels heavy and exhausted
  • Desperately wants to ditch diets and learn how to eat for life
  • Head swirls with all the information in diet books and health blogs
  • Is tired of always worrying about what to eat and how to lose weight
  • Wants to lose this weight for good
  • Wants to feel comfortable in her clothes
  • Dreams about loving the way her body looks naked
  • Wants to have a freakin’ blast while losing weight

This program is not for a woman who:

  • Hates to have fun and laugh
  • Is not open to trying something new and different
  • Gets a thrill out of counting calories or points for the rest of her life
  • Expects results without following directions
  • Enjoys wasting time trying diets for a few weeks
  • Relishes in wasting hundreds of $’s on temporary cleanses and detoxes
  • Loves starving herself to lose weight
  • Enjoys whining, b*tching and moaning about her weight and wants to stay that way


What are the program dates?
The group program runs: October 14-November 18 – perfectly timed to lead into holiday time with their weight loss guns loaded 😉

All calls will be recorded and materials will be downloadable.

What is the investment for the program?
$397 (early bird pricing)
$597 (full investment)

What is your commission?
$100 for each woman who enrolls in the program through you

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Affiliate Sample Email:

Subj: this woman is nuts!

Hey (first name),

When I first met top notch weight loss coach, Jessica Procini, she told me in order to help her peeps understand the importance of the health of their digestion and how it’ll help them lose weight, she donned a full on poop suit and made a video about it.

I literally laughed out loud and when I got home logged onto youtube to watch it.

And to my surprise it was highly entertaining and educational! I learned so much!

Since then I’ve watched her help 100’s of women drop 10, 15, and 20 pounds effortlessly, keep it off and ooze confidence from every pore of their body.

Then she offered to teach me how to do the same and sent me an invite to her Laugh Yourself Skinny event that she’s calling a weight loss coaching show. She said, “I’ll be sharing my secrets on how to kiss those last 10 pounds bye-bye! You won’t want to miss this.”

So, I cleared my calendar to be there and I want to make sure you know about it too.

This isn’t some run-of-the-mill, so-boring-you’ll-snore, tele-class – she’ll be doing a LIVE stream show just as if you were one of her private clients!

Jessica always promises experiences full of FUN, laughter, great conversation, and life changing, mind-blowing weight loss secrets.  Speaking from experience (and watching ALL her videos on YouTube), she never disappoints.

The only way to be apart of this private showing is to RSVP your spot here: [insert your unique link here]. 

I’ve read through some of the testimonials from her clients and it really seems like these women jumped on the fast track to dropping a pant size without starving themselves.

If you know me, I live by the saying “nothings worth doing unless it’s fun”.  Jess is my sister-from-another-mister on that one and she’s all about dumping dieting and having a freakin’ blast losing weight.  She’s gonna show us some really fun and practical ways to amp up slimming down without starving ourselves.

To get your private invite, click here to sign up [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL AFFILIATE LINK HERE], and Jessica will send you all the details.

Save me a virtual seat next to you, ok?



Your Name


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When promoting the program via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email or other means, be sure to use your unique affiliate code which will be provided to you by email once you’ve been approved as an affiliate (because we want to be sure that you’re getting the credit you deserve for all referrals!).  If you are already an affiliate and can’t locate you unique code, you can find it here:  As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need additional assistance.


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My friend Jessica Procini is a kick ass weight loss coach who really knows how to have a good time! This is a gal who you want to get to know! She knows why even though you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly that last 10lbs is still sticking around! She has a super fun online TV show coming up where she’ll be sharing why you know what to do but you’re still not seeing results and what to do instead (this alone will blow your mind!) and how to put the kibosh on #1 thing that’s holding you back from having your ideal body… Sign up for her free show, airing on October 2nd here: <insert your unique affiliate code here>

Ok ladies, it’s about time we started having some fun! For too long we’ve been starving ourselves, slaving over gym equipment and workout DVD’s and abstaining from our favourite foods. Which quite frankly is NO FUN at all! My friend Jessica Procini knows how to lose weight like no other method you’ve ever tried… No calorie counting, no cutting out whole food groups, and NO gruelling workouts! I’ll be tuning into her free online TV show on October 2nd… Will you join me? We’re gonna have a blast! <insert your unique affiliate code here>

Excuse my French, but do you ever wish you could just tell those stubborn last 10lbs to f#$! off?! My friend Jessica Procini is a super fun weight loss coach who knows exactly how to do just that! And she’ll be sharing some super juicy tips in her upcoming free TV show airing on October 2nd – Register here to get the lowdown on how to stop bustin’ your butt and start Laughing Yourself Skinny instead! <insert your unique affiliate code here>

If you’re a busy woman like me you probably know how difficult it can be to stay healthy and keep the extra pounds at bay when you’re travelling, socializing and networking. That’s why I want to let you know that my friend Jessica Procini is hosting a free web show on October 2nd, where she’ll be sharing her top tips to stay slim and trim WITHOUT cooking all your meals from scratch in your own kitchen every night… This gal really knows her stuff and understands that calories counting and tough workouts at the gym just aren’t going to cut it when we’re busy loving our lives and having fun! Come Laugh Yourself Skinny with me and Jessica… Register for her free show here: <insert your unique affiliate code here>


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