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Ladies! It’s time! Let’s go!

I would love for you to become an affiliate for the upcoming launch of Drop 10 Pounds: The Quick and Easy Weight Loss Solution Without Changing Anything You Eat.

My team and I are dedicated to making sure this launch is easy-peasy, profitable for you and valuable for the people in your community.

To get started, click here to sign up as an affiliate and get the ball rolling. For additional details on the program, commissions, promotions, etc., visit the FAQ page. If you have additional questions and would like immediate support, please contact

Thank you! I can’t wait to throw my hands up in the air and ride this wild rollercoaster with you!

Love, health and laughter,
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Launch Schedule

May 20-27: Social Media Teases Upcoming Program Launch

May 28: Opt-in page goes live & 1st J-ciniTV episode dedicated to Drop 10 Pounds released

Tuesday, June 4: 2nd J-ciniTV episode dedicated to Drop 10 Pounds released

Tuesday, June 11: 3rd J-ciniTV episode dedicated to Drop 10 Pounds released

Wednesday, June 12: Champagne & Sweets Virtual Party (live call with Jessica)

June 12-14: Opportunity for Early Bird Pricing

June 15-20: Enrollment continues at regular pricing

Tuesday, June 18: J-ciniTV episode reminder about Drop 10 Pounds released

Thursday, June 20 11:59pm EST: Shopping cart closes

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Why should I share this with my community?

I believe you can find fun in everything you do.

I believe ‘good enough’ isn’t enough.

I believe you can eat dessert and still lose weight.

I believe losing weight has nothing to do with food.

I believe you should wake up every morning feeling rested, happy, excited.

I believe you are the most beautiful woman in the room.

I believe there is no end to what you can accomplish.

Reason #1: Women spend over 17 years of their lives trying to lose weight. That’s a loooong a$$ time. What a different world we would live in if we all had 17 years back in our lives…epic vacations, supercharged businesses, more time with family, friends and loved ones…the possibilities are endless. It’s time to ditch diets for good and learn the tools to losing weight no matter what you eat so this world can have strong, confident, capable, energized and beautifully balanced women everywhere.

Reason #2: By the age of 45 women have tried an average of 61 diets. Think of the money, effort, failures, wasted time and energy on the continual trial of things that don’t work. It’s time for women to finally find the missing pieces to the weight loss puzzle…the things that aren’t talked about in diets, meal plans or exercise regimes. These pieces are addressed in Drop 10 Pounds.

What is the Drop 10 Pounds Program?

This is a 7-day game plan teaching women how to lose 10 pounds leaving food completely out of the equation. Meaning no grocery lists, food prep, meal plans or calorie counts. This program is designed for her to take it at her own pace – be it 7 days or 7 months. In addition to a daily training call, there are thought provoking accountability questions for her to answer each of the 7 days and an powerful private coaching session with me at the end to make sure this all sticks.

I offer a money back guarantee – if they complete the program (all the questions, homework and the private coaching session and she’s still unsatisfied, I’ll refund her money minus a $47 credit card processing fee.

What women are saying about this program:

“I lost 8 pounds by NOT focusing on food!”

I’ve lost 8lbs without even thinking about it and by not doing the same old thing of focusing on food. I now have a stress free relationship with food and it’s no longer always on my mind. I bought my first dress in 15 years and I feel like I got my feminine self back. It’s really great to have such support around this. With Jessica we’re going to the root of the issues which is what I’ve never done before so intensively.

– Monika Wacker, Candle Artist and Animal Communicator, Switzerland


Julie Ann SorensonDrop 10 pounds was a great way to jumpstart change for me. I loved Jess’ tips
on how to lose weight without changing anything you eat. I now effortlessly have more energy.
“- Julie Ann Sorenson, Health & Lifestyle Coach


Zaya KhalilJess’ method is faster and more effective than anything else out there.

– Zaya Khalil, Designer, Scranton, PA


“I lost 15 pounds and I’m surprised at how easy it was to implement Jessica’s recommendations.” – L.B., Haddonfield, NJ


“I’ve stopped counting calories and I’m a slimmed down version of myself.” – Susannah Magrane, Philadelphia, PA


“What Jessica taught me really blew my mind!” – Kelly S., Baltimore, MD

A woman is perfect for this program if:

  • She eats healthy but still can’t lose weight
  • She exercises but still feels heavy and exhausted
  • She’s tired of always thinking about food and losing weight
  • She don’t want to sacrifice pizza, chips, wine, chocolate, or french fries forever
  • She wants to lose this weight for good
  • She wants to have a freakin’ blast while losing weight

A woman is NOT perfect for this program if:

  • She’s looking for someone to write a meal plan for her
  • She’s not open to trying something new and different
  • She expect results without following directions
  • She likes starving yourself to lose weight
  • She enjoys whining, b*tching and moaning about her weight and wants to stay that way

How many women are accepted into the program?

There is no limit. The more the merrier and the greater the change we can create in this world!

What are the program dates?

The program starts immediately as soon as the woman purchases. It runs individually for her for 7 days. In the middle of the program she’ll receive a link to schedule her one-on-one powerful coaching session with me.

What is the investment for the program?

$297 (early bird pricing $247)
Payment Plan: 2 payments of $175 (billed automatically after 21 days)

What is your commission?

$80 for each woman who enrolls in the program

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Email Copy

Affiliate Sample Email:

Subj: A party you HAVE to come to

Hey (first name), 

When I first met Jessica Procini she told me she helps her clients lose weight without changing ANYTHING they eat and I almost fell off my chair.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, I’ve watched her help dozens and dozens of women drop 10, 15, and 20 pounds effortlessly, keep it off and ooze confidence from every pore of their body.

Then she offered to teach me how to do the same and sent me an invite to her Champagne & Sweets Virtual Party. She said, “I’ll be sharing my secrets on how to Drop 10 Pounds Without Changing Anything You Eat. You won’t want to miss this.”

So, I cleared my calendar to be there and I want to make sure you know about it too.

This isn’t some run-of-the-mill, so-boring-you’ll-snore, tele-class – she’ll be doing a LIVE stream of the party so it’ll be like you’re in the room with her.  

And she’s giving us 2 delicious dessert recipes that we can try out in the meantime.

Jessica always promises experiences full of FUN, laughter, great conversation, delicious food and life changing, mind-blowing weight loss secrets.  Speaking from experience (and watching her videos on YouTube), she never disappoints.

The only way to get on the private guest list is to RSVP your spot at her virtual table at [INSERT YOUR UNIQUE LINK HERE]

I’ve read through some of the testimonials from her clients, and it seems like women really CAN lose weight without giving up their favorite foods.

If you know me, I live by the saying “nothings worth doing unless it’s fun”. Jess is my sister-from-another-mister on that one and she’s all about dumping dieting and having a freakin’ blast losing weight.  She’s gonna teach us some really fun and practical ways to amp up slimming down that have nothing to do with food.  

To get your private invite, click here to sign up [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL AFFILIATE LINK HERE], and Jessica will send you all the details.  

Save me a virtual seat next to you, ok?

Social Media Copy

Sample Facebook Posts:

These posts are just a guide. Please adjusts them and make them relevant to your business, peeps and
community. Please TAG Jessica in these posts by making her name appear as a live link to her Facebook
profile in the message. And don’t forget to add your unique affiliate link to each post!

If I told you that my friend Jessica Procini had the know-how to help you drop 10lbs without changing
ANYTHING you eat, would you think it was too good to be true? Check it out – she’s hosting a virtual
Champagne and Sweets Party on June 12 where she’ll be sharing her secrets! Check it out here

My friend Jessica Procini is one helluva host! And luckily she’s got a party coming up that YOU’RE invited too!
Join us for Champagne and Sweets on June 12 and get not only TWO of Jessica’s delicious waist whittling
dessert recipes but her best kept secrets about how to lose weight without changing ANYTHING you eat…
Yes really! Get on the guest list here… #drop10lbs

Summer’s coming and it’s almost time to dust off the swimsuit again… Eeek! If dropping 10lbs with love and
ease and not changing a thing you eat (nope, no punishing sessions in the gym required either!) sounds good to
you, I highly recommend you check out what my friend Jessica Procini is up to… She’s hosting a virtual
Champagne and Sweets Party on June 12 where she’ll be sharing secrets from her highly effective Laugh
Yourself Skinny method. Get all the deets here #drop10lbs

Sometimes people think my friend Jessica Procini is a little crazy! She says you can drop 10lbs WITHOUT
changing a thing you eat OR killin’ it at the gym. But I know it’s true! This gal gets results with her unique Laugh
Yourself Skinny method. AND the best part? She’s sharing her top tips for slimming down in time for summer,
while eating what you want and having fun! right here… #drop10lbs

Hands up who loves Champagne and dessert?! I hope you’ll join me and my friend Jessica Procini for her virtual
Champagne and Sweets Party happening on June 12. It’s free, virtual and there’s no dress code! Jessica will be
sharing her best kept secrets to losing weight without starving yourself or even changing a thing you eat! Get
on the guest list (and get your delish waist whittling dessert recipes!) right here #drop10lbs

Sample Twitter Posts:

This girl is nuts. She’s teaching how to drop 10 pounds without changing anything you eat
@Jessicaprocini #drop10lbs

You CAN have your cake, eat it AND lose weight! #drop10lbs w/ @Jessicaprocini

Life is too short to give up the foods you love #drop10lbs w/ without changing anything you eat

Lose 10lbs and still eat all your fav foods… Sound too good to be true? Check it out #drop10lbs w/

Losing weight is more than the food you put in your mouth and how much you move your body
#drop10lbs w/ @JessicaProcini

Wanna drop 10lbs but not dessert? Check out @Jessicaprocini #drop10lbs

Tired of dieting and getting nowhere? #drop10lbs with joy and ease! @Jessicaprocini makes losing weight FUN!

Think you can lose weight and still eat what you love? You’d better believe it! #drop10lbs w/ @JessicaProcini

They say it can’t be done… But haters gon’ hate! @Jessicaprocini has the skills to make you #drop10lbs
WITHOUT changing what you eat

Like sippin’ champagne & eating dessert?! Join @Jessicaprocini for the party and learn how to #drop10lbs with

Get you bootay in shape for summer without changing what you eat. It IS possible with @Jessicaprocini

No need to kill it at the gym this summer. Laugh Yourself Skinny and #drop10lbs with @JessicaProcini instead


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Kiss Diets Goodbye

Have Your Cake

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