A Personal Note From Jessica:
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I truly believe that the answers to your food problem are not outside of yourself in diets and exercise programs. I believe that to experience freedom from compulsion around food that you have to do the deep inner work and to cut cords with thoughts and feelings that weigh you down.

Escape from Emotional Eating™ Self-Study Package is something I created to support you in confidently looking within and healing your relationship with food so you can live, eat and be in loving alignment with yourself… where your body is a vessel for the divine and your soul springs to life.I’m so excited to share this life-changing, mind-body-transforming journey with you!Loving you,


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  1. An in-depth 90-minute audio class on How To Overcome Overeating One Bite At-A-Time – which includes:
    • A powerful training with me designed to activate a deep inner healing and to shift how you see, feel about and approach food.
    • Stories, insights and inspiration from other women who are also taking their power back from food to stimulate you inner “I can do this too”
    • A hands-on eating exercise that you can practice every time you see food (I do this personally all the time and no one knows I’m doing it!
  2. A detailed transcript of the entire class – a word-for-word follow along transcription of the entire class for deeper learning.
  3. A thought-provoking, mindset-shifting “Transformation & Action” sheet – key journal questions and powerful exercises to support a deep cathartic healing with food.
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